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Why Now Yoga Begins ?

Now Yoga Begins is a humanity-based  community aimed to provide all forms of authentic yoga to everyone. It has been built with the mindset to ease students into their practice and study in depth. Now Yoga Begins isn’t just another yoga shala. We provide knowledge behind the practice and teach you how to heal yourself from health issues and energies along with what foods to eat in order to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle that you’ve always wanted.

Yoga is a way of life, a discipline of practices including spiritual and physical aspects, meditation and relaxation. At Now Yoga Begins we offer spiritual and physical guidance as you gain further knowledge along your yoga quest. We use positivity, respect, love and kindness as we teach you our yoga philosophy.

AFTER 6 years of Now Yoga Begins at the beach  Now we relocating our studio to the jungle with mangroove river to enjoy the power of the forest like traditionl yogis



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When in Mirissa, definitely try Kamal’s yoga combining asanas, stretch and relaxation. An incredible placa by the ocean helps to deepen the yoga effects.

Kamal has a deep knowledge of yoga and its practice. He is very dedicated and passionate about what he is doing. Really recommend to go practice with him. Hope I ll be back soon!

So if you in Mirissa or planning to go there and want to do and learn Yoga, I can highly recommend this place!

Classes are taught by Kamaleshwaran (Universe) who combines traditional and modern yoga with more than 18 years of experience.

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