Awakening Retreat

In the World of Mass Awakening, Everyone is questioning “Who AM I” without much tools to self discover. Now Yoga Begins brings you aspects to practices in this retreat, which Master Kamaleshwaran Ketheeswaran specially designed to awaken every Soul and Heal which supports individual self-growth, through Traditional Yoga (8 limbs), Kriyas, Chakras Workshop, Meditation, Activation of Dormant Energy through Pranic Healing.


Master Kamaleshwaran who has 18 years of experience with Traditional Yoga, has designed the retreat in which everyone and every age practitioner can do the class with much ease. Suppose the students have any special physical, mental or emotional issues the teacher is capable of giving alternative yoga practice instantly, so everyone can enjoy the retreat, also he will heal you with PranicEnergy and activate your chakras to bring your true potential, brings huge change in life, where you can immerse in understanding of your new self.


In this we also provide Ayurvedic Massage With Steam Bath, Knuckles Mountain Trekking, Cultural Tour, Water Fall Tour, Reki Healing, Mandala Art Therapy and Other Activities Available during the tenure.


Let’s Connect 

7:00 Herbal Tea and little Snack
7.30 Awakening Yoga
9:00 Breakfast With Knuckle View
11:00 High Knuckles Trekking/ Hill Oya Trekking/ Chakras workshop/ Mandala Art Therapy/ Ayurveda Massage/ Pranic or Reki Healing

13:30 Lunch
16:15 Snacks and Tea
17:30 Yin Yoga/ Cacao/ Meditation
19:00 Community Dinner

3 Day Awakening: 350 USD
Including Rooms, 3 Times Meal and Unlimited Water, Juice, Tea/ Coffee With Biscuits and 2 Activities
April 20th – Dec 30th 2024

5 Day Awakening: 750 USD With Rooms
Including Rooms, 3 Times Meal and Unlimited Water , Juice,  Tea/ Coffee With Biscuits and 4 Activities
April 20th – Dec 30th 2024

Venue: Now Yoga Begins Kandy/ Welikanda Yoga Retreat 

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