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70 hours Yoga Training

Mind Body and Soul

14 days package: Aimed for all levels to  deepen your knowledge with different forms of yoga(Traditional Yoga( 8 limbs ) and Yin). Our carefully designed program is catered for all people to deepen the practice of yoga with knowledge more than stretch. It gives you the opportunity to find a new way of healthy life and redicover your inner potential.

The program includes

  • Based on 8 limbs of yoga .
  • Foundation of beginner & intermediate Asana.
  •  Pranayama(breathing techniques), bandhas(locks).
  • Bedhana Kriya and Agnisara 
  • Sushma ( central breath )
  •  Activation of Chakras
  •  Anatomy of the body
  •  Yoga Philosophy 
  •  Introduction to arm balance and inversion .

Price : 500 USD

Starting Date : 1st December 2022

note : every 2 weeks we will start a new program during 2023 to 2024.

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21 Days Yoga Training

Mind Body Soul and Divine

21 days training package: Suits beginner and intermediate students. We will embark on a journey to further deepen and expand your knowledge of yoga in a variety of different forms of yoga ( Traditional Yoga ( 8 limbs ) , Energy Yoga and Yin) including Karmic life-coaching. After 21 days you will leave having gained an understanding in the practice of yoga which will assist future yogis to find true potential of the self and which style of yoga they’d like to practice or teach before choosing a teacher-training program and have the knowledge to do there self  practice by there own .

The program includes

  • Foundation to beginner & intermediate  asanas pratice with Traditional Yoga.
  •  Pranayama(breathing techniques)
  • Bandhas ( Jalandhar Bandha, Udiyana Bandha , Moolabandha and Mahabandha .
  • Sushma Kriya , Bedhana Kriya , Agnisara Kriya .
  •  Anatomy of the body
  •  Yoga Philosophy level 2 .
  •  Introduction to arm balance and inversion level 1 and 2  .
  • Introduction of Energy Practice from the inner self to learn self healing .
  • Deepen the meditation practice .
  • Introduction to Third Eye opening .
  • Introduction to Chakras and Practice to activate all 7 Chakras.

30 Days Full Program Cost 1500 USD

21 Days Program 750 USD 

note : 21 Days Progaram Excludes Introudction to Energy Practice , Third Eye Opening .

Yogi Packs

Yoga Classes are provided by nowyogabegins authentic yoga teachers RYT and 2 years experience in yoga to provide quality classes

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