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Awakening Yoga


70 hours Yoga Training

Mind Body and Soul

14 days package

Aimed for all levels to  deepen your knowledge with different forms of Yogic Tools and Traditional Yoga (8 limbs) 

Our carefully designed program is catered for all people to deepen the practice of yoga with knowledge more than stretch.

It gives you the opportunity to find a new way of healthy life and redicover your inner potential.

The program includes

  • Based on 8 limbs of yoga .
  • Foundation of beginner & intermediate Asana.
  •  Pranayama(breathing techniques), bandhas(locks).
  • Bedhana Kriya and Agnisara 
  • Sushma ( central breath )
  •  Activation of Chakras
  •  Anatomy of the body
  •  Yoga Philosophy 
  •  Introduction to arm balance and inversion .
  • Introduction To Energy and Mystical Experience.
  • Activation Of 3rd Eye
  • Mudra Meditation 
  • Astral Meditation
  • Manifestation Meditation
  • Yogic Wisdoms Behind The Practice 

Price: 650 USD

Program starts every 2 weeks once from April 2024.

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